Jade Louise our director who came from Britain is a native speaker, so the children through the games spontaneously begin to form sentences, start to communicate, and with time begin to speak English naturally, similarly to native speaker!

7.00 – Breakfast club
9.00 – Circle time
10.00 – Snack
10.30 – Song time
11.00 – Free play
11.30 – Adult led games
12.00 – Lunch time
12.30 – Story time
01.00 – Free play
01.30 – English class
02.00 – Free play
02.30 – Snack time
03.00 – Science, drama or math
03.30 – Free play
05.00 – Home time

Art activities are offered every day

Breakfast club:
We provides a healthy nutritious breakfast provide by KETERING “IZ MAMINE KUHINJE” Breakfast is available from 7.00 am to 8.30 am and after the children have eaten there will be a range of activities for them to choose from – games, drawing, jigsaws and construction materials like Lego. The activities will vary each day and we will talk with the children about what they would like to do

Circle Time:
Circle Time is a time where the children gather together to start there day by taking it in turn to discuss topics of interest. As well as learning about; Days of the week, seasons, times, daily routines and the theme of the week Circle time helps children work on five key skills, thinking, listening, looking, speaking and concentrating.

Free Play:
Free play offers your child the ability to make their own decisions while interacting with peers. In a safe, secure child friendly environment. Free play helps children learn about themselves and the world around them,

Snack/ lunch
As part of a healthy meal routine, children will be offered 2 healthy snacks across the day. One mid-morning and one mid-afternoon as well as lunch. This will maintain their energy levels and provides them with important nutrients that will support their growth, development and learning. KETERING “IZ MAMINE KUHINJE supply all of our meals, for further information please click link www.izmaminekuhinje.rs.

Adult Led Games:
This is the type of play where the adult plans, organizes and shows or tells the children what they need to do. Examples of adult-led play include playing picture lotto or a musical game such as ‘Hokey Cokey’. The adult tells children what to do and how to play. Adult led play allows children to carry out activities that otherwise they would not be able to manage by themselves it also helps language development. This is particularly important when children are learning a new language

Story Time:
We believe sharing stories, questions, and talking everyday helps with children’s development in lots of ways. Reading books can help your child become familiar with sounds, words, and language. Reading can spark your child’s imagination, stimulate curiosity and help with their brain development.

Song Time:
Songs tend to be repetitive and have a strong rhythm they are easily learnt. They are fun and motivating for children allowing language to be reinforced in a natural context, both with structures and vocabulary.

English Class:
Your children will enjoy interacting with Jade-Louise, a native English speaking teacher using games, books and songs your child will learn to speak English in a natural way.

Science class: 
We nurture the curiosity and re-enforce the importance of science in an exciting, practical and fun way so that children can make connects from a very early age. Children observe their surroundings and ask questions which help children to develop language in a spontaneous way.

Drama class:
Children are introduced to the performing arts through our range of activities singing, dancing and acting out familiar Stories. This is a natural way of building your child’s confidence, social skills, vocabulary and creativity; so there little imaginations can come alive!

Mathematics class:
Mathematics is designed to help your child gain knowledge and to become more confidence Counting objects, measurements, Comparing numbers and shapes, Adding and subtracting, and telling the time.