All children will be allocated a “Key Worker” who will be responsible for monitoring your child’s progress, developing a close rewarding relationship and ensuring that they have a happy and enjoyable time at nursery.

We follow the curriculum guidance set down in the Early Years Foundation Stage, which is divided into 7 areas of learning:

3 Prime areas:

  • Personal, social and emotional development – Teaching children how to work, play and cooperate with others.
  • Communication and language- Permits the child to express thoughts and feelings
  • Physical Development- Activities will be offered to promote the development of the child’s fine gross motor skills

4 Specific areas:

  • Literacy- developing pre-writing and reading skills
  • Maths- To enhance an understanding of number and mathematical concepts
  • Knowledge and understanding the world- Exploring diversity of families, environments and cultures
  • Expressive art and design- Enabling a child to express its own creativeness, feelings and ideas

Children also take part in english lessons by our native english teacher. This is done in a fun way using stories, songs, rhymes and games.

We deliver this through planned activities, which usually follow a theme such as “all about me”, “transport”, “people who help us” and “space”, this gives the children a meaningful and enjoyable context in which to learn. As well as the planned activities, the children are given the opportunity to explore materials and equipment allowing them to become independent learners by self resource.